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We Are Specialist In Carpentry.

About Us

We take the responsibility of your home

We are knowledgeable about revamping your conventional furnishings and redoing your plan into furniture. We also Operate with honesty, integrity, and transparency in all dealings, including pricing, product information, and customer interactions.

Our History

We had a tremendous expertise in the furniture industry and completed numerous projects for top multinational corporations such as Zoho, Amazon, and Tech Mahindra. We have nearly 30 years of experience in the art of refurbishing traditional furniture and customizing it depending on customer preferences.

Core Value

We are Centred around giving phenomenal furniture things that are extreme, generally around made, and persevering. We are moreover Dedicated to giving great client care, including modified help, fortunate responses, and a positive shopping experience.


Our vision as furniture proprietors is to make delightful and useful spaces that motivate and upgrade the existence of our clients. We Endeavour to be perceived as pioneers in the furniture business, giving creative plans, uncommon quality, and Customized client care. We want to surpass client assumptions by offering a different scope of furniture choices that take care of various preferences and ways of life.


Our main goal as a furniture shop is to give top caliber, upscale, and reasonable furniture arrangements that meet the different requirements and inclinations of our clients. We are focused on making agreeable and welcoming spaces where our clients can reside, work, and unwind. Eventually, our main goal is to make our clients’ furniture shopping experience agreeable, helpful, and fulfilling

Why Choose Us

We are experienced Carpentry

An inspired choice for Al -Everest Wood & Furniture

We also received positive client comments for our art, and we deliver superior customer service, resulting in a wonderful relationship with our consumers. We may also modify your furniture to whatever design you like.

We have approximately 30 years of experience manufacturing antique and personalized furniture. We produce a lot of vintage furniture, which gives your wardrobe a unique look. We will complete your design faster than any other furniture company. We also recommend a distinctive design for the old furniture in your home. We also renovate your traditional furniture into a custom design, which helps to preserve our traditional memories.

Antique furniture: where each scratch and imperfection tells a story of time’s passage. In its aged elegance, a whisper of craftsmanship echoes through the years, a silent ode to the hands that shaped it. These pieces aren’t just relics;  they’re living remnants of artistry, a timeless connection to history within our homes.

Al - Everest

True passion craftsmanship

At Al-Everest, we celebrate the timeless art of true passion craftsmanship. Our platform is a haven for artisans and craftspeople who pour their heart and soul into creating unique, exceptional pieces that stand the test of time.

How to request to wood art ?

In order to modify your design, you must first speak with one of our designers, stop by our shop, or bring in a sample design.

How long can I get my order ?

We create your furniture based on your design. We are going to create ahead of another furniture store. We’ll finish your design as quickly as we can.

Can you do Custom Work ?

Yes, we will alter your furniture in accordance with your specifications. We also provide design recommendations, so your wardrobe has even more individuality. In addition, we will give you a layout of your design, which might assist you rework or reorganize it before it is incoops.